Wednesday, October 26, 2011

speachless II

woot woot !
HAHA erm .
suke-2 last-2 duke juga akhirnye ;)
i never thought that this f**kin' damn thing will happen to me again .
what did i do to deserve this ?
when i saw 'it' happen , i can't stop thinking bout what you said to me .
is it true ? do you mean it ? or its just blank words that coming out from your mouth ?
i felt like i was being cheated .
he hug her like he was protecting her .
by seeing "it" happen i can tell that he really really love her with all his life .
but the fact is that i don't even have the right to feel cheated coz we don't even have any relation .
its because of the love towards you that make me feel this way .
hm ........
it end here k .
i dont wanna talk or think bout it anymore .
its okay , im olrite .
hope both of you live a happy life .
as long as both of you r happy so will i be .
n both of you looked soo sweet sitting together .

*(but seriously , i was really shocked when i saw 'it' happen last nite n ta sgke sepet nmpk dgan mate pale snirik)

nite guys :)

Monday, October 17, 2011


heish ! ssh doe lau aty da sayang .
hm . patotnye ecok kite kua p aQ rase mcm ta jadi je .

tadi sepet bukak blog dye .
sepet bace smbil ad rase besalah .
sepet rase ecok sepet na batalkn laaa perjumpaan kite . hm .
sdey seyh .
sepet tepakse ckp dwet sepet tade coz ilang n ta dpt na meet dye ecok .
sepet na jage aty sume owg .
dlm dunie nih bukan sepet sowg je yg idop .
sepet kne pkir gak ape pikiran owg laen kan .
sepet kne pkir ape pasaan owg sekeliling .
sepet ta bole na teroskn .
p mmg sumpah sepet sayang dye .
dugaan dugaan :(

sepet ta na ckp manyak-2 laaa . nanti sepet sdey  T__T

pade awak uh : sepet mntk maaf k kcau awak n dye slame nih wlaupon awak kate awak nan dye tade pape . pasaan sayang uh jujo dari aty sepet . p sepet tepakse lepaskn peluang nih coz sepet na awak bahgie k . sayang awak sgt-2 . ILOVEYOUSOOMUCH :*

awak awak ! awak tc k . awak ta mo noty-2 k . papai awak . sepet na awak tau yg sepet sayang awak tau tau tau . sepet ta smpat na ckp coz wasenye awak ta perlu tau kot .

(daa laa weyh sepet!!)

okay laa sume . nih je kot yg sepet na luahkn . papai .

L O V E H U R T S :'(